Filbert Cleans Up His Act (#1)

10-year-old Filbert has to figure out what he wants to do with his life for an English assignment. He also has to tidy his room, and help his best friend Kodiak get into the school play.

Filbert does not know what to write for his English paper on What do you want to do when you grow up. His best friend Kodiak wants to be a doctor, but discovers he needs perfect grades to become one. Kodiak has straight A’s in everything except for in art. He recruits Filbert to help with his audition for the school play because, when they were younger, they would act in their own little movies. Meanwhile, Filbert gets an Automatic Vacuum to help clean his room. The sentient Vacuum helps the boys by reciting the role of the princess. The Vacuum falls in love with acting and runs away to pursue a career in Hollywood. Inspired, Filbert tries to find his own passion.


Filbert Gets a Curtain Call (#2)

Filbert decides to audition for the school play, but develops a fear of curtains.

Filbert wants to audition for the school play with Kodiak. The night before, he dreams that there is a monster behind his shower curtain. At the audition, he sees the same beast silhouetted against the stage curtains; panicked, he runs off stage. Kodiak does not get cast either, but refuses to take no for an answer. He persuades Filbert into filming an audition tape, but the director still does not give Kodiak a role. Filbert and Kodiak decide to steal their audition tape back when the director leaves, and use it to get an offer from a different school’s play. In the midst of the heist, Filbert reencounters the curtain beast, but this time, he confronts it and tells it that he is no longer afraid. The director overhears Filbert’s emotional monologue and offers him a part in the play. Distraught by the injustice, Kodiak storms out. They confront each other and Filbert admits he does not want to be in the play. He loved filming Kodiak's audition tape, so instead, he wants to continue making movies. Filbert is excited that he found something he is passionate about. The director encourages Filbert to enter the Kids Film Festival, the requirement is an original five minute movie. Filbert asks Kodiak to star in it.


Filbert Finds His Imagination (#3)

Filbert decides to make a movie for the Kids Film Festival, but he needs the help of his childhood Imaginary Friend to write it.

Filbert is stressed out trying to come up with a movie idea. He remembers that growing up, his Imaginary Friend Shnoodle, always came up with the best stories. Sadly, they are no longer in contact. Filbert finds Shnoodle and learns that he ran away because Filbert grew distant when he stopped playing and making movies with him. Apparently Shnoodle fades away when he is not making someone laugh, so now he lives and performs at the Comedy Club. Shnoodle and Filbert rekindle their friendship and start having fun together. Shnoodle has an idea for a complicated sci-fi movie that Filbert loves. However, Shnoodle struggles to finish the story in time and Filbert gets impatient. A huge argument erupts and because of the discord, Schnoodle starts to fade once again. In a desperate attempt to save him, Filbert must quickly get him to the Comedy Club so he can make people laugh. Unfortunately, Shnoodle completely disappears while on stage. Filbert tries to make the audience laugh but fails, as he exits the stage, he trips, and the crowd erupts with laughter.  This reaction brings Schnoodle back to life. Filbert apologizes for his behaviour and they make up. When Shnoodle faded, the sci-fi script was lost. Filbert decides to use a script Shnoodle wrote when they were younger. The script is based on Filbert’s first girlfriend, who was also imaginary.


Filbert Fights His Shadow (#4)

Filbert wants his crush to act in his movie, but having lost to his own shadow in a boxing match, he becomes too intimidated to ask her.

Filbert needs a girl for his movie, but the best actress in school is his crush Lily. He feels too insecure to ask her after the school bully, who happens to be Lily’s boyfriend, teases him about his unmanliness. Filbert hires Kodiak to help him get bigger. Filbert’s only prior training was a few years of ballet lessons so Kodiak introduces him to boxing. Filbert boxes against his own shadow and loses. In the process, Filbert accidentally destroys some gym equipment, and as punishment has to film the school hockey game. Traumatized by the situation, Filbert now has a fear of shadows and hires Kodiak to protect him. While at the game, the school bully posts an emasculating photo of Filbert on the Jumbotron and everyone starts laughing at him. To escape the embarrassment, Filbert runs out of the arena but trips and falls. Lying helplessly, he is cornered by three aggressive shadows. While waving his hands in fear, he realizes the shadows are mimicking his motions. He cleverly decides to tire them out with an intense ballet routine. The shadows fall to the floor unable to keep up. Filbert learns that instead of boxing his shadows, he should dance with them. With his new gained insight, he works up the courage to ask Lily to be in his movie. She happily accepts, under the condition that Filbert helps her study for her math exam.


Filbert Versus the Robot (#5)

Filbert needs a new camera for his movie, so he borrows one from a manipulative robot, who wants to be a viral singing sensation.

A disgruntled opera singing robot, named Roboto, wants to become a famous singer to make his deceased robot mother proud. He starts making pop music, but only sheep seem to be enjoying it. Roboto wants to hack into the world’s largest satellite and send out a transformation beam to everyone’s cellphone, turning them into sheep. Unfortunately, he is unable to hack past the “prove you are not a robot” test. Meanwhile, Filbert’s filming his movie with an old video-camera, but wants a newer one to make the best movie possible. Roboto overhears his problem, and lends him a cellphone with an HD camera. Roboto needs to make a viral music video for his new pop song so he quickly starts taking creative control over Filbert’s project. They go to Roboto’s house and they edit something that no longer resembles Filbert’s vision. While at the computer, Roboto subtly tricks Filbert into filling out the “prove you are not a robot” test. Filbert leaves disheartened. With only a few days left before the Kids Film Festival deadline, he calls Kodiak and Lily to reshoot his movie. Filbert accidentally breaks the cellphone right before Roboto sends out the sheep transformation beam. Everyone except Filbert turns into sheep. Filbert needs his phone to be fixed so he returns to Roboto’s house, which is now encircled with a transfixed crowd of sheep. Filbert discovers Roboto’s evil plot, so Roboto traps him. Filbert convinces Roboto to go outside to see his fans. He takes the jar of his mother’s remains to show her how successful he became. A mob of sheep lunge at him out of adoration, and the jar breaks. Filbert escapes and reverses the transformation beam turning everyone back to normal. Upset because of the loss his mother’s remains, Roboto starts singing opera. Moved by the performance, a small group of bystanders applaud him. Filbert goes back to shooting his movie with the old video-camera.


Filbert Makes His Dream Movie (#6)

The Kids Film Festival deadline is quickly approaching, and Filbert keeps re-shooting scenes from his movie to make it perfect. He is constantly getting new ideas for his movie from the dreams he is having.

Filbert is not satisfied with his movie script, but there are only three days left before the Festival deadline. He starts to have dreams where he embodies the main character of his movie, and new ideas begin to emerge. He keeps delaying the finale of his movie to reshoot old scenes. The deadline is now a day away, but he has to help Lily study. Even though her parents have never seen her perform, they will never let her act again if she fails her math exam. Filbert is also supposed to attend an academic award ceremony for Kodiak. The school principal asked them to bring a scene from the movie to show at his speech. Before his commitments, Filbert decides to take a nap to write. He knows that the final sequence of his movie is locked away in his dreams, so he wants to retrieve it. As fate would have it, he gets pulled into a nightmare and oversleeps. Once awake, Filbert is bombarded with nasty voicemails left by Kodiak and Lily ending their friendship. Disappointed in himself, he runs to Lily's to offer an apology, and hopefully to finish his movie. On his way, the school bully confronts him enraged that Lily broke up with him. Blaming Filbert, he destroys his video-camera. All of his footage is lost. Filbert goes to bed defeated. The next morning, there is a knock at the door. Roboto wanted to thank Filbert, because without him, he would not have started singing opera again. Filbert gets Roboto to salvage the footage from his broken camera. Suddenly, another knock at the door, it is the bully who wants to apologize. He learned that the break up was actually because he can be a jerk sometimes. Filbert films the last scene of his movie using Roboto and the bully as stand-ins for Lily and Kodiak. Despite missing the Kids Film Festival deadline, he is just happy the movie is finished. He shows his movie to the theatre director, she loves it, and insists that it is shown before the premiere of the school play. Filbert invites the principal and Lily’s parents to the premiere, while Roboto invites Filbert’s shadow, imaginary friend, curtain beast, and Vacuum. Everyone watches the movie in awe. Lily’s parents gain a new found respect for their daughter, Kodiak demonstrates his artistic abilities, and Lily notices the effort her ex-boyfriend went through to help Filbert. All is restored and now Filbert will continue making movies.